Growing Microgreens Indoors at Home on Jute Mat

by Connor Hiebel

Congratulations! You have taken that step to creating more food security and eating much higher quality greens. Now what?

You may be wondering what the two grow mediums in your kit are and how to use them. Good thing you found this article because that's exactly what we're here to talk about! Let's get to it!

Jute Mat VS. Coco Coir

Whats the difference between jute mat and coco coir when growing microgreens? There are a few things! Jute mat is a plant fiber turned into a grow mat and coco coir is compressed coconut husk. They are both sterile grow mediums because microgreens don't need to uptake nutrition from the soil (the nutrition comes from the seed).

(Please water your microgreens if the soil looks like this)

We've found that both soils have their own pros and cons. Coco coir has the texture of soil and just like soil it is messy. It can get into the food when harvesting microgreens (its harmless, but can mess with the taste/texture of your microgreens).

Jute mat has a tendency to dry out faster, so it needs more attention to make sure it doesn't dry out. We've also noticed that jute mat tends to mold less. Which team are you: team coco coir or team jute mat?

Do I Use Both the Jute Mat and Coco Coir at the Same Time When I Plant My Microgreens?

No, please do NOT use both. We Provide both options so you can decide for yourself which grow medium you like best. Plus it's fun to try something new each grow! When you go to reorder your seed and soil refills You will get the option to choose jute mat, coco coir or both! Let us know which you like!

How To Grow Microgreens on Jute Mat Video

Ready to get growing microgreens on jute mat? Watch this video we have created for your ease at growing on jute mat.You can find our other helpful videos here.

Visual learners- There is a video we have created. There are also pictures in the instructions which came with your microgreens kit. You can access the videos by clicking here.