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Who Won The Drawing At Natural Primary Care

This last weekend the Amelia Island Microgreens team took a trip to Sarasota, FL

The Amelia Island Microgreens team drove along the stunning beaches in Sarasota Florida. With its Majestic beauty, hot climate, beaches, attractions and lots of unique places to explore; we found it was the perfect atmosphere for a pop up event... and a raffle! Every day there was like a breath of (very humid) fresh air, everything felt light and almost like a dream. We had a wonderful turnout for Natural Primary Care's event, as Dr. Rebecca Acosta said:

"Your microgreen kits were just flying out the door!"

One of the things we enjoyed the most was hearing all the excitement from the people who were ready to win a microgreens kit. Someone was so determined to win the raffle they put in all their tickets. We love seeing how happy and excited others are to start growing their own delicious microgreens! We cant wait to see how everyone's microgreens turn out! Be sure to tag us on instagram, facebook, tiktok or google with the hastag #AIMicrogreens or #AmeliaIslandMicrogreens

So who won the raffle?

We Had many people enter, but only one could win. who was it?

Congratulations to the winner! We cant wait to see how your microgreens grow!

Just because you didn't win the raffle, doesn't mean you cant win by growing your own microgreens! Our website is the best place to accomplish your microgreen dreams! Microgreens can be a vital addition to your food experience! Microgreens are compact, easy to care for, tasty and nutrient dense! If that’s not enough to get you interested, microgreens can be harvested in SEVEN DAYS!! We cant wait to see your dreams become reality!