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Simple Microgreen Recipies

By Connor Hiebel

We've had a lot of people ask, "What do I do with microgreens?" Luckily for you we're here to answer that question! There are many things, you can eat microgreens plain, on a meal, snack, we've even heard as a drink garnish- the possibilities are endless! Today well give you a simple recipe so you can start taking steps to more nutrient dense and delicious dishes!

Microgreens with a crunch

Now that you've grown your microgreens, now what?

Let's learn how to make Microgreen guacamole on chips! For the flavor palate we recommend having a spicy and a calm, earthy microgreen. Because you're not eating your microgreens plain the spicy kick wont be very noticeable, however the wonderful flavor will (We love adding our oriental mustard to sandwiches or tacos for this reason)! The calm microgreen is great for those who aren't prepared to venture into spicy microgreen territory (and people love options). We like to use oriental microgreens for the spice and flavor and amaranth microgreens for the aesthetic. You can choose whichever microgreens you want! Have fun and this is your chance to be creative!

This is also a great opportunity to add some veggies you and your family don't normally eat! because of all the flavors of guac and chips the microgreens are a lot more calm in flavor. You may notice that you even like the microgreens plain! Microgreens tend to be less strong and much more tender than the mature plant. Plus fresh food almost always tastes better. We've noticed that the kale microgreen is tender and almost sweet tasing. It's always worth a try!

Simple Guac recipe

There are many recipes for guacamole out there. Everyone has their own preferences on what should and shouldn't be on guac, such as the cilantro debate (there is cilantro microgreens you can put in your guac if you side with cilantro). If you already have your special guac then by all means go with that! If you want the guac we have at our fairs, we usually get that at publix. If you're not a fan of guac you can substitute that with hummus or another dip of your choice

This recipe is a simple simple Guac recipe I came up with. If you'd like extra microgreens in your dish, you can add some at this stage. Just keep in mind we will be garnishing with them too.

1 serving of guac

  • 1/2 an avocado
  • Microgreens or cilantro (both optional)
  • 1 spoonful of salsa
  • A pinch of lime

Go ahead and open the avocados with a knife and take out the seed (you can try planting it into an avocado tree). Peel the avocados with a spoon and place them in a bowl. Mash the avocados up with a fork. At this stage you can add in and mash some microgreens or cilantro. Go ahead and add salsa to taste (I usually add 1-2 spoonfuls per avocado). Lastly, add a pinch of lime

We're almost done!

Now it's time to get your chips out, scoop your guac, garnish with your microgreens and call your friends and family over for a wonderful snack showcasing your new skills and knowledge!

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